Thursday, June 19, 2014

Down Under Wedding High On Top of Los Angeles

This summer got off to a great start! Marrying Julian and Ngaio was an honor and a delight. The entire wedding party and most of the guests were from Australia.  There was such complete love with these two. I know their lives together will be rich and full.

Here's what they said.

Myself and my (now) wife were married by Jennifer on the rooftop of downtown LA - in short the ceremony was perfect. Coming from Australia, we did not have a chance to meet Jennifer in person, however after a Skype and a few emails we were confident she was going to be great, and more importantly we were confident about the whole ceremony including writing our own vows and choosing readings. We even sent each of our vows to her to check they were on the same page and suited, in which she was happy to read over. I really can't say enough kind words to Jennifer, she was exactly what any couple would want.

The photographs were beautifully done by Jennifer Emerling.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Surprise Wedding at Buchon in Beverly HIlls

On March 30, 2014 I did something I had never done! Performed a surprise wedding! Sort of like a flash mob but without the flash. I appeared to be just another diner at Buchon's famous Sunday brunch until I received my cue from the manager to perform a wedding for Jessica and Jeffrey who surprised their guests with a wedding in this early Spring light. (They had told twenty of their closest friends to come have breakfast with them to celebrate their engagement but instead created a beautiful wedding reflecting their sense of fun.) I know their life together will be full of many more wonderful surprises.