Monday, March 20, 2017

Rain or Shine

After eight years of drought, we have had one rainy winter! Nevertheless, Meg & Lorne wanted their wedding done out doors at the lovely Altadena Town & Country Club. 

My Grandmother told me that rain is a blessing for a couple on their wedding day.  I guess she was right because the garden was cool and clear as I performed this meaningful ceremony at 4pm. With lovely violin to enchant and entertain the guests.

The ceremony went on without rain: only the tiny raindrops in the eyes of the sweet groom and the parents of the bride.

A blessing indeed!  An hour later as the couple took their first dance, the downpour started. 

Blessed ceremony, blessed life for Meg & Lorne!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Marry Your Best Friend

Kathryn and Chris had know each other for eighteen years before getting married. This couple deeply valued the differences in each other while forming a lasting friendship that turned into a great love story. They had a rich history together that made their ceremony even more meaningful. I performed their beautiful wedding at The Smog Shoppe. Tucked inside succulent patio with circular seating, this wedding was warm and lovely. And it is always a pleasure to work with BASH PLEASE, one of the best wedding planning companies in Los Angeles.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sunshine, style and bubbles at The Fig House in Highland Park.

May is always my busiest time of year! This year was no exception. 
Magdalena & Mike were both creative designers! It showed from the second I walked into The Fig House!  A great place for a reception and wedding.
From their trendy bridesmaid dresses, to the beautiful flowers, to the classic cocktails, this wedding screamed their signature style.
They had each attendee blow bubbles as they walked down the aisle as husband and wife.
It was a delight to perform the ceremony for this trendy couple.

And I’m sure their future will as elegant as they are.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Glitz, Glamour and Glitter

This was an all out “light and bright” event for Ashley & Edward who got married this May. A wedding party of ten on each side: tuxedos and long pink dresses. This was a traditional ceremony with just enough sparkle to make it enchanted.
My favorite part of this ceremony was when Edward’s mother wrapped both of them in a large Rosary and recited her own special prayer. Honoring her heritage and theirs.

Here I am laughing with this sweet bunch outside the reception.

Edward and Ashley, may you always bring all the light and love you had on your wedding day.

And may you be wrapped in your beautiful extended family’s love forever.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Can I get married in 2 hours?

The answer is yes! A few weeks ago a couple called me with an interesting request. They were about to travel around the world for a year, leaving in two days. They wanted to get married before they left while both sets of their parents were visiting.

Sometimes a spontaneous wedding is perfect for the couple with an adventurous spirit. Lesley and Zeke were just that couple.

So they put up a ready made canopy and I officiated their wonderful impromptu ceremony by day's end.

Two days later I received a sweet email from the couple saying that being married made their journey that much sweeter. Happy trails Lesley & Zeke. And may you alway have that adventurous spirit in your love for each other!

Monday, April 20, 2015

What a way to bring in 2015 with a backyard wedding on New Year's Eve! Sibyl and Christine had an amazing wedding filled with Poetry, Passion and Personality. They created a sacred circle for the community that surrounded them. It was an honor and a delight to celebrate the love of these two amazing women.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Down Under Wedding High On Top of Los Angeles

This summer got off to a great start! Marrying Julian and Ngaio was an honor and a delight. The entire wedding party and most of the guests were from Australia.  There was such complete love with these two. I know their lives together will be rich and full.

Here's what they said.

Myself and my (now) wife were married by Jennifer on the rooftop of downtown LA - in short the ceremony was perfect. Coming from Australia, we did not have a chance to meet Jennifer in person, however after a Skype and a few emails we were confident she was going to be great, and more importantly we were confident about the whole ceremony including writing our own vows and choosing readings. We even sent each of our vows to her to check they were on the same page and suited, in which she was happy to read over. I really can't say enough kind words to Jennifer, she was exactly what any couple would want.

The photographs were beautifully done by Jennifer Emerling.